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Looking to protect your Assets? A piece of mind is priceless! With mobile remote viewing, Rest assure your business/property is in order while you're away.

Our Professional Installers at Protechs ITS have over 17 years experience installing and maintaining security surveillance systems.

HD/4K/8K IP Cameras

We can Install 4 to 200 Cameras. Experience the Best cameras and camera systems all Professional installed.

PTZ (Pan,Tilt, Zoom)

Cameras with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) allow you to monitor larger areas that would require multiple fixed cameras. By moving to monitor suspicious actions or high-action areas, PTZ cameras offer the security of video surveillance while minimizing installation.

NVR Systems

Our complete 8 to 32 camera surveillance systems include free remote viewing software to see live and recorded footage via smartphones and computers with no monthly fee. These cameras and systems are trusted at 60,000+ locations, including the nation’s largest companies.

Professional Installations & Maintenance

Need advice on how and what you need? Call our professionals for advice or a free quote at